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Image: Prism by Hamlan Homes


Traditional Lots at Pinnacle

At Pinnacle you’ll be spoilt for choice, with a diverse range of lot types and sizes bound to suit all requirements.  With plenty of traditional lots on offer, both titled and untiled traditional lots are available for you to build a quality single or double storey house offered by a range of local home builders – many with packages available at Pinnacle.  With traditional lots easier to build on, these come in a great range of lot sizes, including some of Pinnacle’s smaller lot sizes assisting in making that build even more affordable.

Image: Contemporary Facade by Geelong Homes

What is a traditional lot?

A traditional lot is relatively flat, with little fall across the building envelope.  Here at Pinnacle, we have generally defined those lots with less than 1 metre fall as a traditional lot, with those lots sitting on the flatter areas of the site. 

Building on Traditional Lots

Traditional house builds, be they single storey or double storey are able to be accommodated on traditional lots, with minimal need for cut and fill, providing ease of build for such house types.  This is why volume builders generally like to work with these lots, with a great range of housing options for you to choose from. 

Image: Condor Facade by Burbank Homes